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"I was shocked, as I recognized how much money has piled up on my PayPal account. 100 % legal Business I transformed 10 dollars into 40.300 dollars in the very first 30 Days with this marketingplan. Now I'd like to share the Business behind this at no cost to you. Yes, free of charge. If you will decide to follow the instructions described below, I guarantee you will be harvesting perhaps even more money. Please set your skeptical thoughts aside for a minute. Take some time to think about this for a few days. Otherwise you will throw away a lot of cash. This marketingplan works well over 2 years and thousands of people participated with phenomenal results in a very short time starting with only 10 dollars. You will discover the same. I became unemployed in August 2001 and lost my job together with some other employees of that printing company, I worked for. At this time I lived far over my income and was in serious debts. The loss of my work released a nuclear chain reaction and I lost my car and the house. My future looked more than dark to me at this point, as you certainly can imagine. Then I received a short and simple E-Mail in the March 2002, which explained to me, how one can earn over 30.000 dollars and even more. I ignored this message. I was simply skeptic. However I did not delete this E-Mail, because I thought myself, that there might be something more to it. The thought of a chance kept going on for several days and weeks through my head, whether it could be possible to earn such a high amount of money in such a short time. In the meantime my debt grew ever higher, and I had actually reached the point of total despair. I finally realized I had absolutely nothing to loose if I would follow this plan, offered to me with this E-Mail. And apart from this, I had no other expectations for the future anyway. I looked deeper into what I had to do, to make this program work for me. I asked myself: "What if it will really work for me?" Therefore I have set my doubts aside, made the first step and followed the simple instructions, which were given to me in this E-Mail. The total execution took less than 30 minutes and it cost me ridiculous 10 dollars. The consequences were overwhelming!!! At the end of 2002 I could settle for a vacation in Miami with my family and I bought a brand new AUDI A8. In autumn 2003 I bought a single family house for somewhat less than 170,000 dollars. And the best, I do not owe even one cent to anybody. Up until now I have made over 492.718,00 dollars. My accountant has set up a cash-flow and prognosticated that within the following 24 months I would become a millionaire only while following this business plan. While I write this report, I still find it strange, how my life changed so favorably at last. Like almost anyone I worked hard all my life and fought for any penny. But when this ridiculously simple program dropped into my lap it changed my life completely. The thought of all the similar programs that I simply deleted before, drives me mad, because I know now - they worked. Only if you read ahead this point you'll get to know how it will work for you as well. I am going to reveal the business plan in a way to you, so you can put it to work in a very short time. I never have made less than appr. 20.000,- € with each separate process. Let me assure you, this program is ACCORDING TO LAW and is a PERMITTED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY as well as a perfect money-earning-service enterprise as well. It does not require that you speak with your friends or any family member (if this is what you wish). What are the legal issues to this Business Legal authorities will demand any business system to follow certain rules. The main business characteristics must assure, that there is a product or service traded and worth the money. The only reason why a business could be recognized as illegal pyramide system is if only money is the issue. This is only allowed to official approved businesses like stock exchange or lottery. Therefore anyone, who joins this business will receive an E-book with incredible Know-How on how to make Money with free of charge advertising on the Internet. You can use this Know-How to boost your sales and response rates on you own website. If you do so, you will massively increase your profits on your regular business as well as capitalizing this marketinplan. Now therefore, once and for ever you will know, why this business and this marketingplan is absolutely within the legal boundaries. Everyone on this program will receive an E-book including the copyright to resell it by following this marketingplan. Actually you do not even need to get in contact with other people yourself. Everyone, who desires can become successful and develop a fortune with this marketingplan. If you believe that "desire boosts the fire" than follow the simple, gradually build up plan exactly as it is explained and described to you. If you follow on your own one, I GUARANTEE that you will receive within the following 30 days over at least 20,000 dollars thru your PayPal account. I know that this must sound unbelievable for you, particularly if you never have been in the possession of this amount of money before. But believe me, this business works like nothing else or what you might have seen in your life so far. With this simple 3-Steps-Plan your life will fundamentally change within a few weeks. Do not let your skepticism stand between you and your financial success. If you decide yourself not to capitalize on this opportunity you will surely have your reasons to do so. I respect your decision and wish you the very best for your future. I can say this with absolute sincerity, because I do not have any financial advantage whether you use it or not. Life is too short, and nobody holds you back to achieve financial freedom to live up to whatever you would like to do. And anyone of us pays the price in advance, no matter what we receive. The price you have to pay for this, is to follow each single step and take action. It is so simple! I am proud to say that I have fulfilled the task to assure the financial security of my wife and my children, even in a very uncertain world. I believe that no price is too high, to reach financial freedom. This is the MOST INEXPENSIVE, the FASTEST and SIMPLEST WAY to make money online - PERIOD!!! There are a lot of companies out there who force you to put in an far higher amount of money, much more time and work, in order to make you any money. I am ready to push up my sleeves to explain how you can jump start your success right now. Remember, I do not ask you to send me any penny for this lucrative business. You will make fast and big money with simply just one copy of this web page as E-Mail and with the most popular Internet payment system! You have probably heard about this payment system on TV at 20/20 or Oprah Winfrey. Perhaps you have read the article in the Wall Street Journal. If not, here it is. In detail and gradually explained. This program is not new at all - in no case. It exists in many forms and has developed over several decades. But in the early days it required more time and efforts, as well as the expenditure of some hundreds of dollars more. However thanks to PayPal and the Internet, the expenditures are now practical ZERO! And in addition it happens that the entire process is now FAST, SIMPLE, and far more LUCRATIVE, as ever possible so far AT ALL! If you have already run a main business, don't change a thing, you can operate this in the future beside any other business. If you don't, this is almost the FASTEST ONE and SIMPLEST ONE in the history of the Internet and free Enterprise at all. A way to make very much money online. I guarantee that you did not see such a thing ever! This program runs seamlessly and identically in what ever country you live, or which ever currency you are accustomed to. It doesn't matter, how old or how young you are. And you do not need any certain nor special knowledge or talent. You do not necessary need to set up any Website or to answer any calls, provide any copies or to dispatch letters by the post office, nor run any adverts at all. All you need to have is: An E-Mail Address, a PayPal account where you put 10 dollars on and 30 Minutes of your time. This Program takes half an hour of your time. After it is set up there will be no more time effort to it. You are done! You will make an incredible amount of cash with the most simple work you have ever accomplished. Well, I know it sounds too simple to be true. But I have been there before and will prove to you, that it works. You have NOTHING to loose and there are no limits in the figures to earn. The truth is: You will never ever earn so much money in such a short time with this SPEED and EASINESS. Take your time to read everything! If you do not have time for this now, come back later. All you need is a PayPal Account and an E-Mail Address! Don't you already have an E-Mail Address? Everyone has seen or read about PayPal (if not, than you will in a few seconds) and as I first read through this Program I already had an excellent efficiency experience with PayPal. As soon as you own a PayPal Account you will be able to pay and receive money securely within the Internet or draw money from you own bank account or credit card. And anyone who owns an E-Mail can setup a PayPal account for FREE. Please read on. If you will take your time and put 30 minutes into this you will never forget that day for the rest of your life. Read these testimonies from 3 participants, who have decided to invest 10 dollars and 30 Minutes of their time. "What an amazing plan! Just 3 weeks ago I have followed your plan, although I didn't earn any ten thousand of dollars, am pleased so far about the 15,340 dollars earned. I am absolutely stunned!" Alan Humphries, Leicester "I do not know what to say ... THANKS, MANY THANKS, I OWE YOU SO MUCH! I have sent 40 of these E-Mails and then simply forgot about this thing. I need to be honest, I didn't really believed in the whole thing. But, when I examined my PayPal account a week later, more than 6,000.00 dollars have went into it! After 30 days I now find over 26.000,00 dollars! I cannot say how thankful I am!" Lisa McDonald, Northampton "I was frightened, when I saw, how much money flowed into my PayPal account. Within 3 weeks my account increased to 18.625,00 dollars. At first I thought about any kind of false booking must have happened!" Richard Barrie, Cirencester Just a few months ago some other people did the same thing as you do at this moment. Because they decided themselves to following the simple instructions, they now find themselves financially considerably better off. And there is not a single reason, why you cannot jump start the same success. There is nothing to loose - but it's about to win EVERYTHING! Let's start to follow the simple instructions now and get ready for a VERY LARGE stream of capital coming in for the next 30 days ahead. You will be amazed! Here is what you need to do. STEP 1 If you're not already a PayPal user, the first task which you have to do is to click the PayPal connection and set up an account free of charge. It just takes 2 minutes! Here is the link: http://www.paypal.com Make sure that you set up a BUSINESS ACCOUNT. You must set up a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (not only a PERSONAL ACCOUNT), in order to enable credit card payments from other people. STEP 2 It is the law of the universe that we must give first, in order to receive afterwards. Therefore this is the first action, which needs to be done now. As soon as you can use your PayPal account, pay 10 dollars from your PayPal account to the FIRST E-Mail address on top of the following list. As intended purpose of the payment you have to write : "Please ship your E-book to me." Please consider to indicate this intended purpose since this makes the PROGRAM LEGAL. This legal part is extremely important. Instructions on how to make a payment, is found within "SENDING MONEY" explained on your PayPal side. It's that simple! If you send your unique payment of 10 dollars to the first address in the list, do it with a large smile on your face, because "What you reap is what you sow!" Here the actual list: 1 ferdinandn@freenet.de 2 christianeto@t-online.de 3 alpa76@web.de 4 stefan_imfeld@web.de 5 dani33@gmx.de u made a payment of 10 dollars to the first E-Mail address on the list, something unbelievable will happen. You will feel an overwhelming kind of security, a special faith and a total conviction about the system. You have proved straight away that the program works, because you did it yourself. And therefore there must be many other people, which are open and ready to do exactly the same. Now you will be experiencing at your own that this business really works! Now you will receive the E-book "How To Make Money With Free Advertising On The Web". This Know-How is worth far more than 10 dollars. Just imagine how you will boost your internet business immediately after knowing what to do. And you will be able to force almost any business on the web. Many people still pay up to thousands of dollars to get to know what you will hold in your hands for just 10 dollars. STEP 3 As soon as you have sent the payment of 10 dollars to the first E-Mail address on the list (together with the intended purpose >>Please ship your E-book to me<< which is MUCH IMPORTANT!!! ), you must accomplish the following step to finalize the process. Copy this text and/or this side and dispatch it on (you can also announce this text on your own web page, like I did) to 40 people. Keep 40 in your mind. Just 40 people who will receive this E-Mail like you did. Anyone can easily reach more than 40 People through the Internet. Finally the Internet will pour out thousands of hundreds of people. The copy which you send, contains YOUR E-Mail address at the PLACE NO. 5 in the list - the address at NO. 1 needs to be deleted and the following four will move up. The best way to dispatch the E-Mail now, is to simply copy and paste everything and then insert your E-Mail registered with PayPal. Put YOUR E-Mail after the last E-Mail on the list, so that after deleting the first one, your E-Mail will appear at the right place. Now send this E-Mail to approx. 40 different people. You will send a copy of the E-book to every person, that has send you 10 dollars on your PayPal account. You can boost your results In addition on dispatching E-Mails to 40 people you can provide your own Website with an copy of this program. just like on this site. There are many free web hosting opportunities on the Internet offered like http://www.geocities.com or http://www.tripod.com both two are good service sites, yet very simply to use. Then marked your own side over different Paidmailers. There are innumerable ways to reach several people helping them to participate at this amazing program. The only task, that you must take care of is that YOUR E-Mail address is at NO. 5 in the list and to send an copy of the E-book to any payment you receive. Please NEVER ever dispatch any Spam. This would be the only risky task, which could harm this really ingenious system! Of course: the address at NO. 1 should have been removed, and the other E-Mail addresses should have been raised up one position, so that YOUR E-Mail address will take place at NO. 5. If you have done so, then your E-Mail is ready for distribution! A WARNING WORD! Don't you ever get tempted to put your E-Mail address on any other position. There is no way around the recommended procedure to acquire the money faster! It does not work in such a way! If you would do that, you would ONLY reach the people, you directly dispatch the E-Mail to and then your address would immediately be removed from place No. 1. and you would never reach thousands of people! But, as your E-Mail address moves up gradually from position NO. 5 up to NO. 1 you will literally get in front of 10 thousands of people by time!!! So, don't cheat and loose before you begin. As soon as your E-Mail is ready, dispatch a minimum of 40 copies of the prepared E-Mail. By sending this E-Mail and because the payment over PayPal is made immediately, the period of reply is EXTREMELY fast, thanks to the Internet!!! Therefore it will take only a few days, until you'll get flooded with 10 dollar payments on your PayPal account! THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO DO! The complete process should take approximately 30 minutes. BE PREPARED AND INSPIRED .... IT WORKS!!! Just 30 minutes of the simplest work is necessary to take you there. No expenditures, no stamps, no pressure, no copies etc. and the concept is 100 % certified and legal. All you have to do is to pay someone, to put your E-Mail address on their list. That's it and legal. This is how it works: Your E-Mail contains your E-Mail address on NO. 5 in the list. That is the best position possible, if you like to make big money with almost no effort. The response rate for this program is much higher, than any E-Mail marketing campaign due to a number of reasons, which is explained later. You can expect an answer of approximately 25% of all people, to which you send your E-Mail. But let us get extremely conservative and assume that you have an average response rate of only 12,5%. If you have send out your E-Mail to 40 different people, you can expect that at least 5 of those persons will do exactly the same you did. (12,5% of 40 = 5). Up to this time your E-Mail is address at NO. 4 on the list, and this list is now prepared to be send out on 200 people (5 x 40) by E-Mail. Out of 200 persons there will be at least 25 participants (12,5% of 200 = 25). Thus you are on further 1,000 E-Mails (25 x 40), where your E-Mail address is at the 3rd place. Out of those 1,000 persons you can expect that at least 125 participants (12,5% of 1.000 = 125) will forward the E-Mail. Thus you are on further 5,000 E-Mails (125 x 40), that are sent where your E-Mail address is at the 2nd place now. From those 5,000 persons at least 625 react (12,5% of 5.000 = 625). Thus you are now on 25.000 E-Mails (625 x 40), which are sent, with your E-Mail address at NO. 1!!! From those 25,000 persons you can expect that again 3,125 to react (12,5% of 25.000 = 3,125). And as your E-Mail now is NO. 1 you will receive: 31,125.00 dollars (3,125 x 10 dollars). As soon as your E-Mail address reaches position NO. 1, you will receive money within a period of 30 days from thousands of people, sending you 10 dollars exactly like you did. This means you have sold 3,125 copies of the E-book, while you bought it for only 10 dollars! Everyone ready to invest half an hour will earn approximately 30,000 dollars in return, or even more. In the time ahead you will get approx. 100 payments per day through a period of approx. 30 days. As soon as the volume of the payments begins to decrease you will notice that your E-Mail address has left the NO. 1 position. That is everything you need to do! You'll receive approximately 30,000 dollars in increments of 10 dollar on any E-book order right into your PayPal account within the next weeks. Approx. 30,000 dollars for a work of 30 minutes! That is genuine money, which you can spend on everything, you wish! You can keep the money or transfer the whole money from your PayPal account to your bank account. What a refund on half an hour work!!?? I think its marvelous. Do you remember the example where we calculated 12,5% respond rate? Assume that 35 of the 40 persons have deleted your E-Mail. However, if you correctly follow the plan your E-Mail will achieve participation of approx..25% in average. Therefore, the example of 12,5% is given only as the worst case. Furthermore the example depends on the fact that each participant sends only 40 E-Mail. Just dare to think what would happen, if each participant sends out 1,000 E-Mails in place of just sending 40 in total! Believe me, many people do this and dispatch still even more! No one could stop me doing it this way. Think this over! Millions of people surf the Internet each an every day worldwide! There are 80.000 new Internet registration each month! Every person, who sends you all kinds of offers through E-Mail, is an excellent prospect to participate. They can dispatch E-Mails to all their contacts and business partners. Just never dare to send any SPAM. 10 dollars and 30 minutes of time is all there is to invest, and however a substantial amount of money to be received in just a four weeks time. If you like to run this business continuously, you should apply the information to a dedicated web page. Just like the one provided here. Use different E-Mail resources like Paidmailers and other legal services to present your business. This way I have managed to run my business over the last 2 years! There are lots of international Paidmail services, through which you can economically dispatch your E-Mail, or your own copied web page, to announce your business. The possibilities are endless, and it is so simple! How to do so, is exactly described within the E-book you will receive. Unlike many other MLM programs this 5-LEVEL PROGRAM only costs you 10 dollars. Only the first person on the list receives your payment of 10 dollars on the Ebook order, but everyone in the list rises into the first position. Because it is so simple, the speed of response is MUCH HIGHER and - FASTER. And you begin to see dramatic results in less than two weeks! RIGHT IN TIME BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! Mind you, you only need 40 copies of your E-Mail to get dispatched, in order to start with the program. 40 E-Mails will be enough to return substantial money within 30 days. Send it e.g. to personal contacts and as an answer to people, who send their program offers and work like already on the Internet like you do. They know the fact that this program works and are already convinced of this system! It is not considered as Spam, if you react to offers of other people, which send you their Mails. Get ready and prepare yourself to send out your E-Mails (and/or provide yourself with your own web page like this). Receive a very large supply of the cash within the following 30 days!! There are 5 factors, which make this program so successful. EXTREMELY QUICK RESPONSE EXTREMELY HIGH RESPONSE RATE UNLIMITED PROFIT POTENTIAL FAST, SIMPLE AND INEXPENSIVE AT THE BEGINNING. INSIDER KNOW-HOW ON HOW TO BOOST YOUR INTERNET PROFITS WITH AN E-BOOK OF JUST 10 DOLLARS Because of almost ZERO-INVESTMENT (uniquely only 10 dollars), SPEED, and HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL, this program shows up with VERY HIGH SPEED RESPONSE! Most E-Mail marketing campaigns have an average response rate of 0.5% to 5%. However this certain program usually produces a response rate of 20% and 30%. Why? Because this program is so simple to begin with. It costs nearly nothing, it takes only 30 minutes, and the results can be seen within the following 30 days. I observed this kind of the MLM program over years and this is truly the simplest and fastest one, which is there. No stamps, no envelopes, no printing, no copies - just a little effort and a little bit of faith!!! This program keeps it real "short and easy"! UNLIMITED income potential! This program is easy structured for everyone's use and works fine with only 40 E-Mails being send out. But do not think 40 is your upper limit. Dispatch as many E-Mails as you can. Every 40 E-Mails result in a return of at least 20,000 - 30,000 dollars WITHIN 30 DAYS. Thus if you send 50 E-Mails, 100 or whatever number you can dispatch, do it! However you should keep in mind that there is no way to maximize the program with switching positions. You will not receive the expected results if you cheat. Think it over, everyone in the row has put in the same effort like you and their place should not be manipulated. You would not want this happen to you as well. If you just adhere to these guidelines honestly, you will see the money come to you. Perhaps you are still skeptic, exactly like I was at the first time. Suspicious if it will really work. Everything that goes through your mind, is exactly the same like I felt. I know what you feel. But nevertheless let's be honest. I imagined at that time, what I really had to lose? 30 minutes and 10 dollars. Isn't that ridiculous? Today I am more than lucky that I have invested both. But please adhere to the guidelines! This program does not cost more, except 10 dollars and half an hour of your time, and if everyone adheres to the guidelines, everyone wins! You now have the complete knowledge, that will put you in the position to make it possible to earn more than 30,000 dollars within the next weeks. The only thing which can hold you back now, is a lack of faith or a lack of self believe. All possible doubts, that you might have at present will disappear within some days, after you have done the job. Trust me! You will never regret your decision. Certainly not, when the money keeps coming in. Please find some notes on http://www.paypal.com , which can be useful to you. PayPal offers anyone with an E-Mail address to set up an account for free and is worldwide the NO. 1 online payment service. PayPal is accepted with over 3 million eBay members, as well as within innumerable of companies online. While sending money with PayPal, you can access secure payments from your credit card or bank account. You do not have to worry, because PayPal covers all of your account information safely. A transaction with PayPal is far safer than any checks send by mail or direct credit cards access. Therefore over 9 MILLION people use PayPal to dispatch money WORLDWIDE in real time. Opening a PayPal account is completely free of charge, simple, and it takes up only a few minutes. Now, while you think of having a cup of coffee you will be ready with any action. Finally you cannot lose a thing, but you are right in front of completing your foundation of massive profits ahead! Thanks, and much luck.
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